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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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get to the shuttles which of them have gotten rid of the cars because of the access to the shuttles 43 miles are reduced because of the shilts and green house gases a reduced and from any cf we have a representative hereafter my presentation they can answer questions. we used the following principles to guide our presentation first, the safety of all yours that's our number one priority and making sure that the shuttles do a.d. verizon affect the operations it includes we're consistently improving the
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communications. those are the problems lack of enforcement clarity we feel a responsibility to recover our costs and lack of comprehensive costs as i mentioned most of our information comes from volunteer sources. the pilot approach helps us to act now and builds on the information we have provided and test out on approach why we gather for information to include the improvement costs are. i don't have to go through what the pilot entails it addresses
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the operating guidelines and compliance with the c puc and address the detail and congestion and will address the challenges with identification the permit fee will include fund for overcame pcos and help with the enforcement if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and as i address the question from supervisor cowen what will be evaluated what improvement is needed and the actual transportation costs and needs. all of this is intent to allow us to act now and get the
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information we need for a longer-term solution and any longer-term solution will need for reviewed by the planning department if this is upheld the sfmta will concrete our pilot in july will continue to operate without permits they would not be permitting a number of locations and stops we'll continue to address the solutions and not being able to address the pcos through this and >> thank you very much. supervisor campos.
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supervisor kim >> i have that on quick question question from the city attorney i only have the city code what are you relying on with a local jurisdiction that they will have discretion who to ticket and not. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney frankly supervisor i cannot by the code section i didn't ask the attorneys from the mta to attend this because the questions that we've voiced the mta open does not voices the board. >> i agree that will be great to get an understanding of what state code our relying on.
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>> any further questions we can come back to them after the. why don't we here from the patient members of the public that are waiting to speak in support of the program and the sfmta program i'd like to ask the observing members of the public to respect the various folks we're heard from today. let's hear from our first speaker >> i'm a little bit nervous. >> if you could speak closer to the microphone. >> no way thank you to the board it's been a long day i'm a constituent in district 5. i'd like to work today, i went
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to muni yesterday in the rape. i work with an operation of shuttle that we enter ride no one in the city we suffer from 2, 3, 4 hours for transportation. we want to stop people from directive the cars in the city and with the bay area air quality recently passed program that specifically recognizes where to provide shuttle that will allow sfmta to bring shuttles under their. per view they should obey the law.
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the shuttle drivers allow the sfmta to - i'm asking you to support this pilot and lastly it was suggested the only ways to prove the commute is wound the roll an alternative would be to give people for o more alternatives and thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm david carlos i'm the republican candidate in 87 e. it seems to be clear it allows red zone exemption for two cases only for common carriers not private carries and pursuant to an ordinance not by if he at at
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the can't do that. i'm really happen to have gotten on any phone and have the wonderful technology that smart phones can give us but diving deeper into the code section 502 is a special dissanitation by the city of long beach they respected to the legislation they got 3 years in a carefully mapped zone. it suggests that long beach believed in comploil with the vehicle code i'm wondering why it mta does not. we should not be create by 43 on the, however, we do need a pilot program in white zones on private property and let's charge the real costs of the one-hundred 07 million dollars
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costs that the mta is sacrificing we're going to be having the rule of democracy should roll >> i want to clarifying it is for folks supporting the sfmta shuttle program thank you. i support the program i urge you to reject the appeal i'm a homeowner knowledge in supervisor yee's district i'm not an attorney but i think the testimony you've heard from your st. particular the sacramento sound like great if so e this is a first transit city and this program is consistent accident private sector stepped up to consider the employees nodes both the inner center city needs. this will provide a data to set
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the sound public policy you need the public policy and the program will facilitate that and bring that to our professional departments to allow them to analyze and ultimately develop importing the sound public policies i urge you to relocate the appeal and support your departments and >> next speaker. >> >> i'm dominique i'm a resident of san francisco for 21 years in supervisor wiener's district i've been following this process and there's some very fine and supplemental arguments in that, however, i think it is valuable to take a step back and take a look if we
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step outside this chamber we see the rest of the bay area it's obviously gets people out of cars and into buses is environmentally good. and people are looking from the outside and looking how to get people on buses. xhoi said will be the recycle plan so two points it's obvious there recent other political goals being served by this appeal so i ask you to relocate the appeal >> next speaker . president chiu and members of the board matt from the bay area council we are happy to play some minor roll in getting us to
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the point today we've fascinated conversations with the operators of shuttle so one conversation would take place and that's the process to get us to the piloted program today. as you heard from several speakers the shuttle systems has been growing over a decade and that's spiked in the last number of years to the point with regulation is absolutely necessary the reason is 3 fold the growth in the economy and the growth from employment and san francisco's first transit policy with the commuters with the employers providing the shuttle buses to pick up them at home and obviously finally the
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lack of investment in our public transit infrastructure primarily the city of san francisco and the employment centers has facilitate some private involvement in moving people noun the pears this is an anecdoteal story this pilot study is designed to mitigate those and will regulate the operators and give the public the signages when they're they can when the rourlz are breaking the law they can the as i understand or sanctioned >> hello. thank you for your time andrew i live in district 2. i've been a retained of the city
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for about 10 years and riding the shuttles for the last 2 1/2. they've definitely allowed me to not drive everyday. 90 millions there and back to my job so, please as a resident let this program go forward all the parties want to work with the city and will allow people to live together. i'm not a new arriveal i'm not not a techie i still live in san francisco accident city prides itself on doing things for the assignment and taking cars off the rod i can only speak about my own experience. i came down her today to express
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myself and figure out where we can improve the program and that's by doing the pilot program >> next speaker >> first name freddie i want to say thank you to president chiu, you know, a lot of times we try to change and macro things better it's not about scapegoating being jourz or tech workers or techies arne of that look at the situation and finding for innovative ways for solutions. yes, they counterpart buses are not perfect but thinking about
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the 35 thousand cars off the road for a year is a positive impact on the environment and i say the merits should go forward and we'll work on the improvements and at the same time, we should look at the upside of it and in the overall scheme of the things the police cruiser out weeks ago taking 30 thousand cars off the roads per year and plus the environment which is very important a conjunction and all of that thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm ethics i live in the
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hate ashbury in district 5. i work at google in mountain view and ride the shuttle everyday i write software and i don't own a car because of the shuttles i walk or take muni just about everywhere it's unfeasible to take the shuttles in the hate ashbury. without the shuttles i would derivative alone or in a carpool with two or three people and have a larger impact on the parking clearing the roads is a public go and stopping shuttles is not the way forward please
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put this shuttle approved >> next speaker . good evening. i'm francesco can a resident of the san francisco second district. i'm here on behalf of leadership group from silicon valley we're in support of the shuttle. as we're 0 heard it provides social benefits like 20 mile vehicle millions and enabling 20 percent of shuttle rides to get rid of cars and are in clear alignment with the policy. as a sf resident i consultant
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daily and i don't have access to a employer shuttle. i choose to live in san francisco because their quality of life and i'm pride to be a resident such as a in the city i thank you for your attention and time >> didn't go thank you so much four your times i'm leslie miller i'm a golden employee i'm a resident and renter in san francisco. i ask you to support in pilot program thank you >> next speaker. >> i'm from the associations i'm here to speak up for myself we didn't known a meeting, however, i called uppermost of the associations around the
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city. acquit frankly the shuttle business themselves are not effecting us that much they come in the morning and evening so with the parking we're not effected. there's one person that said in their area, however, that landlords are saying look we've got all those buses coming in here so we are going to ask for more rent for that our store fronts on the other hand, another one spoke said i don't mind buses coming by because people will see my store. i think it's a great thing really which it's all said and denouncing done personally if by the doesn't have buses could you imagination how crowded muni would be.
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a two hour one way trip for those folks to take. also i've talked to accountability people but people saying unrelated to the buses themselves effecting the situation but it's intimidating and should pay for other services but on the whole it's a go thing. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm jeremy the director for the xoernl fairs for the innovation of technology in san francisco. i come to you not only representing sf city but representing over 8 hundred and 60 partners in san francisco locally and fwoi thousand employees by also a a fifth generation san franciscan living in the city we ask the board to
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reject the challenge in favor of the pilot program in hopes of easy congestion for the policy first thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'm adrian i also work with the bay area couldn't and am a resident of district 9. we've heard about displacement and there's 0 no one saying this is a concern and the appellants are arguing the shuttles are thriving but i ask you to consider statistics san francisco created over 28 thousand jobs last year and in silicon valley those numbers are 48 thousand jobs and absence better on heirs but still around
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3 thousand housing units so if you have a region that's attracting people and attracting jobs you're going to faces a housing crisis those shuttles are a symptom not a cause given the carbon and the benefits those shilts have provided and given some of the tortures logic how the buses are saying its bad. the environment i urge you to support f this policy >> consulting and board of supervisors i'm am a long-term member of supervisor london breed's district 5 i was born in
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supervisor cowen district 24 years ago isle i've been going here from k through 12 i went to cal state and came back to san francisco because i wanted to revisit in my community. i would going to speak tonight but after hearing and being here 8 hours tonight it is important we work together and have unregulated shilts going on throughout the city we lose the data it's important we know it's important to have, you know, transportation and in which people aren't riding alone i got any driver's license when i was 21 her in san francisco i don't need a driver's license number
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but if you are going to the peninsula you do. and see what i'm saying i really urge you guys do consider it and keep the pilot program it's important to continuing the model between the city and the tech industry to work together. thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm verona i work for golden i'm a resident of district 7 i was born and raised there i came back to her i love this city i take the shuttle and ride is daily there's been comments can't people take muni and shuttles
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they're not inclusive. i just urge you to deny the appeal and allow the program to move forward to collect the data we need toad insure that program is the impacts are mitigate and even though people are commented to work together. thank you. >> good evening. i'm speaking on behalf of latino democratic club i want to talk about the benefits this pilot program can bring i think it's great this pilot program didn't have input from neighborhoods like the politician. i want to thank the coordinate of the latinos corresponding to the shuttle in 10 years. thank you for the pilot program for also allowing the violation of california 225 hundred being
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specially exempted and thank you for the pilot program and thank you to the shuttle buses to allowing 40 percent of people responding to people where they'll move corresponds to work or to use the shuttle buses to travel to their jobs. i want to thank the pilot program for looking for an exemption to environmental impact report and bicycles i support the quality of transit and thank you to the pilot program it has exempt privileges than bilks in and thank you to the sfmta i wish we could have more public input
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>> no, thank you for not having more public input. >> excuse me. sir, i testified. >> i talked about - >> you can only testify open one side or the other. any other members of the public wish to speak we're finished with the public comment. sir, you have up to 3 minutes >> this is not class warfare in some point the rich and powerful should be held to the same standards. when sfmta muni wants to do a improvement project now the particular iron i didn't hear is
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the golgz shuttles are interfering with muni effectiveness you've got an iron ironic ironicic situation a a project is to improve muni has to do american people eir and one doesn't. one is the baseline and two is the substantial period of. the the baseline there's no case not even sacramento that allows the baseline to the be the law there was no law that prohibited a runway at the airports this was like the tahoe case it was not reverses by the ethnic circuit they other day with the trial court on the baseline issue. the disagreement had to be with
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the contract issue that's different. also even if you accepted the excited condition at the baseline and they told you they do know what the baseline is that's the problem they said that the agree didn't have substantial evidence to support their baseline so even if we accepted the illegal situation at the baseline the mta has milled they're developing a whole new network of appeals court shuttle networks. this is with an was an ironic change but clearly one hand so not talking to the other the stopped are changing in not a status quo also the city a change the law most important the city has